Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wrap up

So, after 10 weeks of studying new media I thought I would post one final thought about how I feel about everything I've learned. The thing I have to say is technology is scarily up to date and simple. Media has given us insights into so many things at the snap of a finger and in many cases I think thats a good thing. But there are other areas where I just have to think, "Why? Why do we need this?"
Someone was discussing Apple Music in class and talked about how we can share playlists. My immediate thought was, "why on earth is that a selling point? That sounds so pointless!" But some people think thats necessary, I guess. Media, and the things we can do with it are so cool. But I've hit a point in my life where I feel too accessible. Where the new gadgets just seem too much. I was recently at the movies and there was a call button next to my RECLINER(why on earth was there a recliner?!) so that a staff member could bring me a drink or a milkshake. As if my lazy butt can't get up and get it myself. I think technology and media has become something we abuse. Which is frightening. Our dependence on media and technology to communicate, shop, and share ideas is slowly poisoning and crippling us. I love media and technology, but I think we need to slow our rolls! The quicker we update, the more we will alienate ourselves.

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  1. I completely agree that technology is almost too much at times. I think that it would be nice is we could go back and start doing more things on our own and not depending on our electronic devices.